Sixtea Glorious Years 1960 - 2021

Organic, ethical, vegan & sustainable
Founded in 1960 by Late Sri Dalip Singh after migrating from Kashmir during the 1947 partition of the country, his in- depth knowledge and passion towards tea eventually led him to Shillong where he settled and started his venture of selection and marketing of the best teas from one of the finest growing regions of the world.

Over the years his hard-work and sincerity created a network of loyal tea lovers who relished a cup or two daily from tea bought from him and a strong bond was formed that flourished and grew over the years.

The mantle passed on to his son Gurmeet Singh, the torchbearer of the family business in the early years of 2000 whose experience over the past 20 years in tea selection and procurement has grown with time.

This website is an endeavour in the honor of his father’s work and a celebration of his memory. A labor of love and respect.


Sartaaj Premium Indian Tea aspires to be one of the few select brands regular tea drinkers would associate quality tea with.


Treating the palates of those who relish having tea. Providing an unforgettable experience one cup a time.

Masala Tea Special Blend
English Breakfast Tea
Royal Blend
kg of waste diverted
kg of CO2 emissions avoided
kWh of energy conserved